Screens / Well Equipment

  • Wire-wrapped Screens in carbon steel with/without base pipe
  • Wire-wrapped Screens in stainless steel with/without base pipe
  • Wire-wrapped Screens galvanized with/without base pipe
  • Bridge-slotted Screens, in carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized and other coatings
  • Simple slotted Screens
  • Size: Up to 1000 mm outside diameter in lengths up to 12 meter
  • Ends: beveled ends or Threads and Couplings in various designs

Other well equipment can be provided on request (e.g. Centralizer / Liner Hanger / Neutral Joints / Well Heads)

  • Riser Pipes can be provided in accordance with customers design
  • Execution: stainless steel / carbon steel / carbon steel coated
  • Connections: Flanges / ZSM / various thread designs (i.e. in accordance with API specification)