Hot Rolled Plates

Hot rolled plates are available in as rolled, normalized, normalized rolling, thermomechanical rolling and accelerated cooling and quenched and tempered execution.

We can offer the material black, but also shot-blasted and primed or alloy added.

The edges can be mill edges, cut edges or welding edge beveling in V, Y, X and double Y seams with narrow tolerances.

Qualities available are fine-grained steel, fully killed, upon request also vacuum treated, structural steels, steel for offshore structures, high strength steel, wear and abrasion resistant steel, steel for boilers and pressure vessels, Nickel-alloyed low temperature pressure vessel steel, steel for pipelines, sour gas HIC resistant steel for pressure vessels and pipeline, steel for shipbuilding.

All usual non destructive tests can be arranged, such as e.g. ultrasonic examination acc. to EN or ASTM standards, charpy V-notch impact testing, simulated post-weld heat treatment of mechanical test coupons, drop weight test, reduction of through area perpendicular to plate surface test (Z-test) etc.  


  • Thickness range generally from 5,00 – 200,00 MM
  • Width range generally from 1,500 – 4,500 MM

Shipbuilding plates can be certified by classification companies, like e.g. LRS (Lloyds Register of Shipping), GL (Germanischer Lloyd), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), BV (Bureau Veritas), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

Mostly acc. to: 

  • European EN 10025-2/3/4/5/6, EN 10028-2/3/4/5/6, EN 10083-2/3, EN 10149-2/3,
    EN 10208-1/2, EN 10225.
  • American ASTM A 36, A 203 Gr. D/E/F, A 204 Gr. A/B, A 283 Gr. A/B/C/D, A 285 Gr. A/B/C,
    A 387 Gr. 11 Cl. 1/2, A 387 Gr. 12 Cl. 1/2, A 387 Gr. 22 Cl. 1/2, A 387 Gr. 5 Cl. 1/2,
    A 515 Gr. 60/65/70, A 516 Gr. 55/60/65/70, A 517 Gr. B/H, A 537 Cl. 1/2/3, A 514 Gr. B/H,
    A 529 Gr. 50, A 572 Gr. 42/50/55/60/65, A 573 A 58/65/70, A 588 Gr. A/B,
    A 633 Gr. A/C/D/E – we can also supply most of the grades in ASME SA grades.
  • Japanese JIS G 3103, G 3106, G 3114, G 3115, G 3118, G 3119, G 3120, G 3125, G 3140.

For end use in

  • offshore construction
  • shipbuilding
  • linepipe
  • storage tanks for oil and water
  • pressure vessels
  • heat exchangers
  • columns for the oil and gas industry
  • yellow goods
  • bridges
  • steel structures
  • wind towers
  • thermal and hydro power plants