Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Coils and Strips

Grain oriented electrical steel is sometimes also described as silicon steel or magnetic steel. The material is available in conventional grades and in highly permeable grades with reduced core loss. Some of the grades are laser treated to reduce the magnetic domains and consequently reduce core loss.

All material is being supplied on both sides with an insulation coating which provides good electrical resistance.


  • Thickness range generally from 0,23 – 0,35 MM.
  • Width of strips generally from 50 – 400 MM or
  • Width of coils of abt. 1000 MM
  • Typical Core loss at 1.7T, 50 Hz from 0.65 – 1.50 W/kg

Mostly acc. to: 

  • EN 10107

For end use in

  • large power transformers
  • distribution transformers
  • current transformers